7 Reasons Why Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses is a Must

The social media revolution has compelled marketers to utilize the ‘Big Three’ platforms of social medial marketing:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin

It’s vital to reach an audience of 665 million on Facebook and 500 million on Twitter. Moreover, basing profiles on giant social media platforms such as Reddit, Tumblr, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Stumbleupon is a strategic tactic to gain exposure to wider markets.

As per the recent surveys, the following facts have surfaced with respect to importance of social media marketing:

  • 86% marketers believed that social media was a life-line for their business
  • Investing merely 6 hours/week results in valuable client accumulation
  • 75% of the marketers have shown positive outcomes of social media marketing
  • 89% of the enterprises reported a marked improvement in market exposure
  • 50% marketers reported increases in sales revenue due to social media marketing

1. Highlighting the Brand

Having an invested social media presence is the best method of building up company’s profile and market reputation. With regular updates about new products and brand happenings, the brand builds an everlasting image in user’s perception. Moreover, it is imperative to work in parallel with these marketing objectives:

  • New sales
  • Building relationship
  • Brand awareness

It all boils down to time management employing these tactics.

2. Building a Loyal Following

People simply love being part of a growing community and building it. Research has shown the users prefer an active Facebook fan page instead of a dormant one. Having an emotional back-link will further the connection with an audience. Community strength is an instrumental way of building brand power which creates limitless prospects. The biggest benefit is having a growing and active community of dedicated customers.

3. Widening Digital Exposure

Social media presence is much needed to stand out from hordes of same niche-centric companies. Due to its worldwide access and availability of daily users, the potential is huge for businesses to advertise their product portfolio reaching a wider audience. Social media presence can bring in increased sales with regular interaction with customers. It has the capacity to reach out to a global audience with minimal investment.

4. Augmenting Trustworthiness

Moreover, social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn cement a business’s trustworthiness. Apart from that, active communication with them is also necessary for building trust among them, generating brand awareness and building credibility.

By extension, social media is a great platform converting negative consumer feedback into positive feedback by rectifying inherent flaws existing. Customer retention is deeply connected to customer satisfaction. It builds a loyal fan base for an emerging enterprise.

5. Increasing Sales

Speedy access to customers’ feedback will increase the sales outcome automatically. Catering to their specific requirements will boost sales in a short period of time.

Moreover, social media allows access to current trends, consumer’s requirements and preferences regarding a specific product. As a result, the business will gain proficiency, skill and meet expectations.

6. Boosting traffic and Search Engine Optimization

Social networking websites are viable methods of bringing huge volumes of traffic to a website. As a result, social media has been integrated with companies’ official websites for reaching new leads and prospects. There are methods for joining both together with Puzl, a website builder allowing social media and company’s website with a single click. In recent times, Google prefers social media presence all the more by showing Facebook pages and Twitter pages of firms for active interaction in its search results.

Accessing more markets will result in more exposure.

Using Search Engine Optimization SEO will move mountains for businesses. Search Engine Optimization pulls in maximum customers, as per research analysts.

7. Saving Marketing Costs

Finally, social media marketing is probably the most cost-effective method of marketing till date. During recent years, it has surpassed conventional form of advertising, virtually rendering print advertising obsolete.

Promoting products on social media platforms will boost return on investment. With moderate time and money investment will result in better growth opportunities.

At this point, many businesses are largely unaware of the benefits social media marketing due to unawareness. Social media campaigns become successful with passion, consistency, and creativity.

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