7 Steps For Better Local Area SEO for Local Businesses

7 Steps For Better Local Area SEO for Local Businesses

Channeling the right effort, allotting scheduled time, and following given steps is all needed for a smart SEO strategy for outfoxing the competitors and amplifying your customer base.
Written below are seven steps targeted for immediate implementation for boosting your local business’s online presence:

1) Use Local & Geo Targeted Keywords

This is a vital local SEO ingredient for the customers to find any local business. For instance, if the business exists in a location, then <city> <business> and <service> <in> <location> are the keywords to use.

The key is to understand the specific business-centric keywords consumers will use when searching for a particular business.

2) Optimize Website For Local Search

The most valuable service for a local business is to have its own high-quality website content. Google solely relies on website content for ranking/indexing purposes as well as pooling in customers.
The obsolete ‘keyword stuffing’ is no longer viable and downgrades a website’s ranking.
Adding meta-description is just as important since Google publishes it on SERP, therefore, it should be attention grabbing.
Adding this portion of information is vitally important for a business to grow:
• Company’s name
• Its address
• Phone number
• Geo sitemap for quick access by Google
Using physical address is necessary since Google tags your store or office’s address when consumers search for a particular business.
It’s necessary to have a page with testimonials and FAQs as well.
Adding more valuable content is more beneficial. It gives them a sense of loyalty and top-notch serviceability.
After getting keywords and website optimization in place, it’s time to move to exterior factors.

3) Create Profile on Google+

Google has developed a page for businesses called Local Google+ pages and Google Places for Business. There’s a difference between both:
Google Places for Business
It was designed to control the availability of information on Google Maps and Google Search. This ensures that consumers have the necessary information about their favorite local businesses.
Local Google+ pages
Local Google+ assists in timely communication with consumers, allowing maximized exposure. They create social communication with the customers and results in coordination with them. Moreover, updates can also be created as well.
Google has added tools to update and edit the information as per requirement.

4) Submit to Local Directories

Local online directories play an important role to validate your business existence with in that area, moreover Google and Bing place a business on a higher placement in their local map listing when it’s found in influential local directories such as:
Yellow Pages

Citations are highly imperative in these listings since Google ranks accordingly. Citations reveal the local business details. Moreover, it’s important to create listings on other platforms as well such as Yahoo! Local and Bing.

5) Keep it Consistent

Keep your business details such as name, address and phone number exactly same where ever you create a business listing.
Google and Bing dislike inconsistent listings of a particular business and inconsistency leads to downgrading of a website. It’s vitally important to outline basic information at relevant places. It will help in establishing its trustworthiness.

6) Importance of real Reviews

Try and get positive reviews to your Google+ page. Fake reviews/ testimonials will catch up with the customer at one time or the other and damage its business reputation and affect its clientele.
Make a review card and hand it out to all the customers as they leave your premises and post it later to Google+ and all the other online portals. Get the service rated as well as those consumers will ascertain the service on that basis.
Having maximum reviews will help since competition will attempt to downplay the positive flow of reviews.

7) Optimizing Social Profiles

Google+ is a very weak social platform in comparison to Facebook and Twitter for gaining maximum exposure. Ensure that all the physical information is outlined at-front on these social platforms. They will ensure a steady flow of consumers via the internet. More so, make a Facebook page for the local audience to tap into. People will check-in when they visit the premises and this will get into mainstream internet audience generating hype. Finally, it will facilitate more consumers as well looking for the best and tested businesses within their reach.


Listing a business for your competitive keywords with in search engines top 5 organic listing is getting harder & harder by every day, Google making it even difficult by bringing out new algorithm updates every now and then.

Seek experts help if your business is struggling to rank well. Many digital marketing companies such as Step Ahead Digital offer free SEO audit of your website to highlight which areas to focus on for better organic results.

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