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Effective PPC campaigns for maximum leads

For many businesses, cash flow wins out and quite simply you need to generate business NOW. In order to establish an immediate presence online, Pay per click advertising is the most cost effective, measurable way to do this if done in a right way. Targeting can be incredibly accurate and therefore cost wastage can be minimised.

Pay per click (PPC) advertising provides more opportunity to profit from your online marketing efforts, instantly increasing the online visibility of your business, while increasing traffic to your website, as well as the number of inbound leads produced.

Pay Per Click Advertising  – What is involved?

Pay Per Click Advertisement
We begin every Pay per click advertising project with a thorough review of any existing PPC campaigns that your business is currently running, to identify pain points and areas for improvement. We talk with your company to fully assess your Pay per click marketing objectives, so we can properly optimize your PPC campaigns to meet your organization’s stated goals.

  • Research product & identify appropriate search terms
  • Create targeted, well written & appealing ads
  • Establishing a good click through rate
  • Manage bid levels & keep a close eye on ad/campaign performance and revise ads / keywords accordingly.

Selecting the best, most appropriate search terms, writing accurate, targeted and meaningful campaign ads is a time consuming and specialised process, even more so for businesses with large and complex product ranges and a shortage of resource. To ensure you receive targeted traffic, it is important to utilize keyword match types as well as negative keywords to eliminate potentially unwanted, poorly targeted clicks.

Performance Analysis & Reporting

Campaign Analysis and Reporting

Paid search marketing has the potential to significantly improve your company’s income, but proper management is required, or else it can easily turn into a virtually endless money pit.

We leverage our knowledge and our proprietary technology, to successfully manage your company’s Pay Per Click campaigns for maximum profit, covering all bases, including bid management, ad creation, and campaign performance monitoring.

We carefully analyze your company’s paid marketing strategy and use the information from our analysis process to fine tune your current PPC strategy, for ongoing online marketing success and better return on investment.

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