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Search Engine Optimisation – Get Ranked in Search Engines

What is SEO?
You can’t expect to just have a website and have visitors come to you, that’s too positive. SEO is a marketing method that provides the most efficient and inexpensive way for businesses to find leads.

To get ranked well in the ‘natural listings’ of the major search engines, your site must be optimised. This is called Search Engine Optimisation or SEO. The search engines crawl every website regularly and through many complex factors and processes, determine the ‘worth’ of each website. Many facets of your website come in to play here in determining its worth.

The primary focus of SEO is to improve your website’s content quality and value so it appears within top positions in search results when users type in certain words or phrases into a search engine.

SEO Analysis – Reviews and Recommendations

We will fully evaluate the current on-page and off-page SEO performance of  your website, before providing any SEO services to your business. Our review process covers many important aspects of SEO, such as high search volume keyword selection, keyword density, meta data analysis, page load speed, text to code ratio, sitemaps, links analysis and more. We use the information gathered from our evaluation process to develop a customized SEO strategy for your website that’s designed to help your company meet its online marketing goals.

What’s included in the SEO audit of your website?

1. Targeted keywords analysis with a short list of  competitive keywords based on monthly search volumes.

2. Review of the current ranking potential of the client’s site and back link profile analysis.

3. Review of issues related to website usability, website credibility and accessibility such as number of server requests, website speed and loading times, leverage browser caching, image compression, site maps etc.

4. Recommendations for avoiding and fixing negative SEO issues such as keyword stuffing, duplicate content, hidden text, hidden links, sneaky redirects, keywords cannibalization etc.

5. Website content analysis, interlinking structure, URL structure, code to text ratio, duplicate content, meta data optimisation etc.

SEO Website Audit
Performance Reporting

SEO Campaigns Performance Reporting

We keep close tabs on your website’s SEO performance through the on-going SEO performance monitoring services that we provide to your business.
We track all of the most critical and relevant SEO metrics for your website, including search engine rankings, keyword performance, traffic volumes, top performing pages, link analysis and more, which allows us to continuously adjust your SEO strategy for optimal results.

  • Search Engine Rankings
  • Keywords Performance
  • Traffic Volumes
  • Top Performing Pages
  • Link Analysis

Google Penalty Removal and Recovery

Has your website been hit by a Google penalty? Have your rankings been dropped and you have lost the monthly organic search traffic volume?
We can help – Based on the nature of the penalty we offer a full penalty removal and re-inclusion service. We work in a four stage penalty recovery program.
  • Penalty Type: Analyze and determine the type of penalty.
  • Panda Audit: Complete onsite Panda related audit and recommendations.
  • Penguin Audit: Thorough Penguin focused link profile audit, link networks and neighborhood analysis, bad or suspicious links removal by contacting the link sources where possible.
  • Reconsideration Request: Disavow file creation and submission with reconsideration requests.
  • Recovery Stage: Once you have a clean backlink profile, we begin building organic backlinks for your website, using natural link building methods in line with Google’s algorithms.
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Google Penalty Recovery

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